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Sonic Territories

workshop series for voice, body and space  ·  2019-2020


Sonic Territories is a series of free workshops that explores flickering territories, sound marks, thresholds, wandering and belonging through embodied and disembodied vocalizing and movement. The exercises will center voices as tools for producing space in relationship to other voices. We practice animal calls, echolocation, laughter, babble, cries, chanting, whispers and howls. We use these sounds in a series of simple games that offer structure and play with modes of nonverbal communication and sonic space. The goals of the workshop series are 1. Develop an understanding of the space we take up with sound, using our voices as tools to explore space, resonance, group formation, territory, and boundaries; and 2. develop an understanding of non-verbal vocal communication through practicing and abstracting from non-verbal sounds. 

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