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Room Tone

This is a live, hyperlocal FM radio broadcast of the artist narrating their experiences of rooms they have been in -- the smell, the feel, the crowd, the temperature, the vibe. Each 2-3 minute monologue is punctuated with a 1-2 minute recording of "room tone"-- an ambient indoor recording which, in audio applications, is often used to establish neutrality or erase noise.

Duration: 90 minutes.


Because neither the voice nor the recorded audio were amplified in the space, listeners may have seen Adrian speaking or noticed my audio setup -- but they would have to put headphones on to hear what Adrian said.

This performance was part of a group show of audiovisual installations. Listeners were encouraged to move around the space with their portable radio and headphones, creating impromptu collaborations that mixed Adrian's "room tones" with other artists' visual presentations. 


For Travelogues, part of the Elastro A/V festival October 2023 at Elastic Arts, Chicago. Curated by Ruby Que.

All photos above by Mikey Mosher.

This performance was comlemented by a workshop I led for SUNGJAE LEE's performance class at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 

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