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Adrian Wood creates soundscapes, videos, transmissions, and live works that emerge from sonic collisions of identity and landscape. Adrian’s work centers the ear, drawing listeners in using sounds of water and wind, howls, whispers, seismic vibrations, and archival audio to explore invisible forces and histories that shape our social, ecological world. Deep listening partners with action in Adrian's social practice. As a social practitioner, Adrian has led soundwalks, experimental vocalization workshops. professional development activities as well as co-founding a DIY environmental justice storytelling podcast in 2017 and a regional queer farmer convergence in 2022.

In their role as Producer with the University of Virginia's Repair Lab, Adrian wrote and produced the podcast Wading Between Two Titans.

adrian wood headshot

Photo of Adrian in the spotlight. Photo by Ricardo E. Adame (2023).

Adrian has shown work in the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Institut für Alles Mögliche (Berlin), Hundred Years Gallery (London) and the College of William & Mary. Adrian’s work has been featured in online broadcasts and publications including Hyperallergic. Adrian has been recognized and awarded through institutions including UnionDocs, The University of Michigan, Experimental Sound Studio and the University of Chicago. 

Adrian earned a Masters in Fine Art in Sound from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2019.

Adrian is a member of AIRVisible Records and Trans Journalists Association

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