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Augmented Body in the Landscape

workshop series for body, landscape and augmenting technologies  ·  2020


Augmented Body in the Landscape is a workshop for artists and arts educators that focuses on sensing, sensors and senses through techniques using technologies that augment bodies in the landscape. The teachers and teaching artists experiment with various sensor technologies that augment bodies. These include such as stethoscopes, Ph readers, thermometers, recorders, magnifying glasses, and more. The participants used these sensors to find a site of interest on location at Douglass Park, Chicago, IL. Participants spent time at this site to develop some emotional or psychical connection with it. They then were prompted to follow these feelings and psychical connections to site to brainstorm a cultural artifact that could be located via smartphone - for example, a music video, a piece of writing, a speech or lecture, or some other form of media.  Finally, the participants were challenged to create an installation combing this personal cultural artifact and their technological sensor/tool with a performative gesture of the body.

The goal of this workshop was to offer a myriad of ways of connecting technology with landscape that could be translated into classroom settings for K-12 students in Chicago Public Schools.

This workshop was facilitated by Chicago Arts Partnership in Education (CAPE).

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