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paradise / maybe windows (excerpt)
audio essay with accompanying lyricsheet, 2020
Visit the complete work.
paradise / maybe windows is a queer sound art composition that engages with the changing relationships our bodies bear to architectural thresholds and togetherness during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the resultant shifts in external and internal soundscapes that we experience.
A nonlinear prose poem explores the sounds and spaces of paradise, containment, inside and outside in a spiralling sequence of vignettes. Each vignette touches a social, sonic, architectural concept that has been highlighted through the painful lessons of pandemic survival in North America: paradise, access, gardens, windows, containment and mutuality.
What is gained and lost through boundary setting and maintenance?
What is the cost of safety in a pandemic, under the governance of a corporatocracy?
What did it mean for us to be in a room together, now that we cannot be? 
featured in Viral Ecologies, 2020 & the Great Lakes Association for Sound Studies Annual Conference: Turbulent Sounds, 2021
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