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IMMANENT DOMAIN / EXHIBIT A is a new audiovisual work that proposes methods of belonging to the land in times of rural and urban collapse. In the video essay, I use song, radio and soil to orientate myself through a series of land-based rituals in rural Virginia and Chicago. 
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This installation represented Experimental Sound Studio's Alba Sonic Arts Residency, of which I am the inaugural recipient. 

Videography by Pegah Pasalar, Joshua Octaviani, Hu Liwei and Andrew Ray. 

Color correction by Julián Dabbah.

Thanks to Christopher Lee Hare, Jennie Simonson, Lou Mallozzi, Jonas Becker, Tirtza Even and Experimental Sound Studio. 


INSTALLATION DOCUMENTATION from Experimental Sound Studio's 2019 Gala at Links Hall, Chicago, August 20 2019. 

 2-channel projected video and monitor with stereo audio and pirate FM transmission for commercial and handmade radios. Red dirt, muslin, wood, and polyester.

QUARTZ ROCK FM RADIO RECEIVER. These handmade radios augment the soundscape of the IMMANENT DOMAIN / EXHIBIT A video. Through the quiet radios, the audience will hear a supplementary text through pirate radio broadcast.

The radios are built around quartz rocks from my home in central (so-called) virginia, referencing both a connection to that place as well as the history of quartz as a material used in early radio hardware.

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