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how to follow this blog

i chose to not put these words on social media because i don't want to support the evil things social media does to all of our consciousnesses.

the way to subscribe to this blog is through RSS feed. here is a guide from the library of congress on how to subscribe to an RSS feed:

Basically, you click the button that looks like this at the top of the page. if you use firefox or safari, they have built-in readers. if you use a different browser, you will have to use a different news reader. there are some free ones you can install, it will probably take 5-10 minutes.

is a news reader better than social media? i don't know, it's not perfect, but it's also not zuckerberg.. . it's kind of like the wind turbine to social media's fossil fuel extraction sites. except instead of fossil fuels it's deep vulnerable shares, pyramid schemes and fomo.

what do you think about blogs vs social media vs other ways to connect? i know we all would like a phone call from time to time. do you have a blog? i'd love it if you shared it with me so i can follow you, too. x

from Tenacious Unicorn: one co-owner was raised on a farm. one co-owner had worked with the targeted animals before. start with growing food to sustain everyone living and/or working onsite. Then, sel

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