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I started my first LiveJournal when I was 11. Despite many hours spent digging through the Wayback Machine, I've yet to find cache or screenshot of my tween poetry and fandoms.

The word "blog" is cringe. Here we sit, shoulders hunched over screens, cringing together. 🌸 Thank you for cringing with me. ✨

Tomorrow I'm leaving to go to Lakeside Lab residency in Milford, Iowa. I will spend two weeks there doing art research. My research questions for investigation are:

  • What effect does digital augmentation by devices like smartphones or field recorders have on our bodies in place?

  • What happens when the devices become extensions of our bodies in the landscape?

  • How can we navigate the separation of experiences this augmentation demands, to cultivate and protect our expanded ecology in our embodied android futures?

  • What has learning about plants taught me about unlearning whiteness?

  • Echoes of history in the landscape - what does history sound like? What is impossible to hear?

  • Who is this land for?

  • Who is here? Who isn’t? Why?

  • Mysteries?

I'm looking forward to leaving my Chicago apartment; experiencing deeper quiets; sweating in a cabin; and meeting some scientists at the Lakeside Laboratory.

I've made a container for my research that is an interactive story-game. I'm working on it using Twine and p5.js. It will premiere [[perhaps]] at Hot Wheelz festival curated by Michelle Murphy at the beginning of August. Uno introduced me to Twine and I am forever grateful.

Here's a sneak look at something I've started coding to include in the game. It's just a baby!


The drive is 7.5 hours. I'm torn between spending car time listening to an audiobook I saw reviewed in Bitch magazine about cults (including studies of SoulCycle and Peloton, fascinating!); this book I found on this reading list from RestOfWorld; finishing listening to Redefining Realness by Janet Mock (oops, I stopped halfway through at an intense part and it's hard to pick back up); or these podcasts [.] [.] [.]

Aram recommended me this book.

Have you engaged with any of these media ??? I want to know (:

Or any of these albums that I've found recently that have felt generative and juicy to listen to. I've been spending time actually learning about musicians through Bandcamp's reportage rather than letting Spotify's algorithm spoon-feed me, and it's been rewarding.

More to follow.


from Tenacious Unicorn: one co-owner was raised on a farm. one co-owner had worked with the targeted animals before. start with growing food to sustain everyone living and/or working onsite. Then, sel

Owners of Tenacious Unicorn Ranch experience a lot of folks declaiming the project for being "just white trans women" even though one of the co-owners is Latinidad. It seems to me all of the central f

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