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  1. a transluscent snail from a wetland. video below shoes the snail gleaming on a woody stem of a plant that runs horizontal across the frame.

2. eastern v western meadowlark. "the bird with two voices." nearly-identical birds that sing a different song on the eastern and western parts of Iowa (and presumably outside of the state to the north and south, where they are found). can only be identified by its voice.

3. thrasher, mockingbird, catbird. bird that imitate other birds.

4. curled up behind the library, ears twisting toward me and head turned away, dusted with white: a fawn. napping in the afternoon the way animals are supposed to. seeing animals chilling helps me relax.

5. lots of different kinds of algae and seaweed. macrophytes.

chartreuse algae bubbles on the surface of the lake. the closeup shot shows the algae's texture in contrast with the smooth lake surface.
a long shot of the lake shows the many many algae colonies that rise to its surface. the sky is a light gray and the lake water reflects it. there is a strip of land visible in the distance.
lake okoboji

6. mom and babies. cancer season.

a slightly grainy image shows a mother waterfowl with many babies, perching on a log that stretches out onto the lake. algae is visible floating on the pond surface in the foreground and willow leaves hang abve the log.

7. mars and venus conjunction in leo. hot turkey times.

a male turkey on the left has his feathers on display to attract the attention of a female turkey on the right. they are standing in grass with a road visible behind them and two trees. part of a stone gate is shown.

from Tenacious Unicorn: one co-owner was raised on a farm. one co-owner had worked with the targeted animals before. start with growing food to sustain everyone living and/or working onsite. Then, sel

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