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from Tenacious Unicorn:

  • one co-owner was raised on a farm.

  • one co-owner had worked with the targeted animals before.

  • start with growing food to sustain everyone living and/or working onsite. Then, sell some.

  • Dual LLC & 501c-3 status

  • Food forests: build soil; black locusts and willows good for this.

  • Someone to manage money: donations and tax write-offs

  • generate income with off-site work and gigs.

  • have emergency housing and visitor housing

  • connect with satellite orgs

  • rescue animals

  • ask for volunteers

  • connect with neighbors and like-minded groups

  • learn to shoot and invest in gun ownership

Owners of Tenacious Unicorn Ranch experience a lot of folks declaiming the project for being "just white trans women" even though one of the co-owners is Latinidad. It seems to me all of the central f

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