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November 2018

A pirate radio performance with microphone feedback and the poem "L'éspace aux ombres" ("Shade-haunted space) by Henri Michaux. The poem deals with the emptiness of space and presents a terrible noise echoing into infinity -- the noise of the imprisoned psyche. This performance is a response to consumerist space, presenting a feedback loop wherein the consumer can begin to hear themselves, surrounded by noise.

he transmission is broadcast on 4 handheld radios by 4 performers who modulate the feedback by moving towards and away from the microphones. 


November 2016

[documentation of a composition in real time with vocals, synthesizer, field recordings, hydrophone and Youtube videos]

Proceeds from the performance directed to the Water Protectors of Standing Rock.


March 2017

[documentation of a composition in real time featuring text from Anne Carson's Sappho translation in Eros the Bittersweet (1986), p. 112:


This disease is an evil bound upon the day.

Here's a comparison--not bad, I think: 

when ice gleams in the open air,

children grab.

Ice-crystal in the hands is

at first a pleasure quite novel.

But there comes a point--

you can't put the melting mass down,

you can't keep holding it.

Desire is like that.

Pulling the lover to act and not to act,

again and again, pulling.]

Dream Sequence

September 2016

[documentation of a composition in real time with vocalizations, synthesizer, and iPhone voice memos]

Tipping Points

September 2016

[documentation of a composition in real time with vocalizations, synthesizer, hydrophone, and Siri]

Kopp, R. E., Shwom, R. L., Wagner, G. and Yuan, J. (2016), Tipping elements and climate–economic shocks: Pathways toward integrated assessment. Earth's Future, 4: 346–372.…EF000362/full

People v. Turner

Summer 2016

[documentation of a composition in real time with synthesizer, vocals and Siri]

"Billie's Blues"

Billie Holiday


I've been your slave

Ever since I've been your babe 

But before I'll be your dog

I'll see you in your grave


I ain't good looking

And my hair ain't curled

But my mother, she gave me something It's going to carry me through this world

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