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hey there 🌸 welcome to wilderness, a text-based game prototype about being a person around plants. 

to have the best possible experience with this game, i recommend you play it on desktop, using Opera, Firefox or Safari. Chrome doesn't work. It's also not equipped for mobile. Please enable a few things in your browser:


1. cookies -- this will help for all the content to load smoothly and quickly. if you have a tracker like privacybadger or something similar, it will work best if you disable it for this website. i am not harvesting your data, i promise. if you just now enabled cookies, you may want to refresh the browser and then start the game. 


2. autoplay - most browsers will allow you to enable autoplay. if you can't figure it out, there are play and pause buttons for all media in the game, so don't worry. 

Accesibility: there are image descriptions in the alt-text for each image. Audio descriptions and video descriptions are at the bottom of passages containing media.

that's it! feel free to tweet at me @saturnAdrian or write to me on instagram @adrianKVwood, or contact me through this website. i'd love to hear your impressions and thoughts on this experience. 


hover for instructions.

scroll down to play.


there are two endings.

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