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How is memory constructed through digitization and virtual language? The "homes" series proposes an excavation of place in analog and digital memory. Drawing texts and sounds from a landscape of my past, I wander through a series of place-based memories that move me through physical and sonic space.

homes no. 1, 4, 5 and 6 (excerpt)

video documentation of live performance with sound, text and walking

at Joan Flash Artist Book Collection, School of the Art Institute of Chicago


My voice is modulated through a phone call, which acts as an analog delay, conveying my immediate past self to my present self.

home no. 5: west (trailer)

video documentation of live performance with text, sound and walking


How is spatial memory collapsed and reconfigured through digitization? In this performance, field recording samples, text and images are triggered by the compass direction of a smartphone and transmitted through a projection. I walk the blueprint of home no. 5, drawn on the floor in blue yarn.

home no. 3: northeast (trailer)

video documentation of live performance


In this performance, the story of an abandoned home in rural central Virginia is illustrated with sound and movement. Audio samples are triggered by a smartphone, while creaking floorboards are amplified by contact microphones. Acoustic and electronic sounds are processed by Soledad Muñoz, using Supercollider. 

home no. 6: south (excerpt)

video documentation of live performance with movement, text, vocalizations and projection


I vocalize in response to a looped field recording taken on-site at home no. 6, moving around the edge of the text projected on the floor. I also use vocalization and synthesis in the loop the plays in the background. I haunt the place that haunts me.

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