Adrian Wood


Hello! I am a Chicago-based creative audio artist with specialties in storytelling, production, editing, mixing and mastering. From creative solo projects to volunteer prose productions, here is a sample of audio pieces I have written, edited, mixed, mastered, produced and marketed. 

I recently earned a Masters in Fine Art in Sound from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2019). I am creating a path to use my skills in narrative sound art towards the goals of equity and justice in sound and information. 

Explore my work below, and please contact me directly to learn more.

This is an excerpt from "paradise/maybe windows," a personal creative project, published by Viral Ecologies in 2020.

I wrote, recorded, composed, edited, mixed and mastered this work.

The full 27:00 feature is a sonic journal entry and sociocultural exploration of thresholds, gardens, paradise, mutuality, and the mourning that comes in absence and isolation of these human needs and experiences. 

My preliminary podcasting experience was as a co-founder, writer, producer, promoter and co-host of the volunteer podcast End of the Line in 2017. It was originally broadcast online on Stitcher and Soundcloud, and 27:00 episodes broadcast bi-weekly on WRIR, Richmond VA's local independent radio station. The show documents the stories of rural people living on the frontlines of resistance to two fracked gas pipelines proposed to pass through West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina - the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

In addition to writing scripts and narratives for this project, I also

  • contacted folks and arranged interviews

  • trained new members on recording equipment and editing softwares

  • contacted musicians willing to donate music

  • created a brand identity and logo for the podcast. See my Design Portfolio for more branding! 

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(November 2020)